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Datakeskus on tiettyjen laitteiden verkko, joka on maailmanlaajuisesti koordinoitu lähettämään, nopeuttamaan, näyttämään, laskemaan ja tallentamaan tietoja ja tietoja Internet-verkkoinfrastruktuuriin.
In the future development, the data center will also become a competitive asset for enterprises, and the business model will also change accordingly. With the widespread use of data center applications, artificial intelligence, network security, etc. have also appeared one after another, and more users have been brought to the application of networks and mobile phones. With the increase in the amount of computers and data, people can also improve their abilities through continuous learning and accumulation, which is an important sign of the information age.
A data center is a global network of specific equipment that is used to transmit, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data and information on the Internet infrastructure. Most of the electronic components in the data center are driven by low DC power.
The data in the data center may lose data as soon as the power is cut off, especially for some important data of the country, so the backup power supply is extremely important, and the diesel generator set can avoid the possibility of data loss.

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